The primary focus of our organization is to tutor, mentor, advise and nurture disadvantaged girls from birth to 18; especially those of African American, Latina, Asian,  Arab descent, and LGBT individuals in the United States. Additionally, we are focused on the more than 62 million girls around the globe who are currently not in school, half of these girls are adolescents. Let Girls Learn is an initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama in effort to address this ongoing issue worldwide. We are planning to infiltrate public schools with a presence equal to Girl Scouts as well as take an interfaith approach to community outreach to build a relationship with the families of adolescent girls in their local places of worship. A prospective goal for Girls Republic is an annual exposition including workshops and round table discussions on the topics of education, health, international trade and entrepreneurship (e.g.; study tips, paths to citizenship, cultural appreciation, real estate, exercise and healthy eating).
Girls Republic will sponsor various fundraising events such as run/walks, benefit concerts and galas. Utilizing our executive director's experience in marketing, Girls Republic is an apparel line with the purpose of educating and empowering disadvantaged adolescent girls. We have an ingenious concept involving social media and technology that reaches our target market.